4 Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

Give an unforgettable gift to your husband on Valentine’s Day that is “budget” and “vow” friendly!

Jesus teaches us that to love is to serve. We often equate expressing our love with giving gifts.  The three wise men crossed many miles to bring gifts to the Lord at his birth in Bethlehem. Gifts are good.

Sometimes gifts do not need to come wrapped up with a bow.  Sometimes, when the gift is so amazing, it doesn’t need the pomp and circumstance of “presentation.”  A gift can be an act of love that cannot be wrapped.  Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is THE greatest gift.  Ok, no pressure, but don’t you want to give your husband an unforgettable gift this Valentine’s Day from the depths of your heart?

First, let’s consider traditional Valentine gifts

  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Balloon arrangements
  • Fancy chocolates
  • Expensive (or not) jewelry

What is the underlying value these things all have?  The first three either get eaten, pop, or die. Jewelry is flashy.  Do any of these things prove or verify commitment of love and devotion?


Here are some ideas of ways that you can “gift” your husband something with enough love that it will fill his heart forever.

  1. Instead of an IOU, give him an “I will do. . . for you”. 

Think of a chore or task that your husband primarily does that he least likes.  Offer to take over that chore or task for 24hrs, a week, or a month. A task that you do not like to do either makes this gift a true example of “to love is to serve.”

My husband is the go-to parent for bathing our kids.  Neither of us like to do it.  I enjoyed it with my first child it was such a sweet and cuddly time. I remember that most days I would bathe our sweet baby boy before daddy even came home so we could spend the evening playing.  Ha!  4 kids later. . .I am tired of giving baths.  Heck, I don’t even like to give myself a bath.


2. Give him a little bit of “me” time.

Think of a special hobby, pastime, or an opportunity to do something fun for himself.  And no, don’t require him to take you. Sometimes we all need the opportunity to be completely selfish for a small amount of time.  Doing something we love and something that is only productive because it is enjoyable is something everyone gets excited about and deserves. Maybe it is a round of golf, tickets to his favorite sports team’s game, or a night playing cards with the guys. Just remember it is his gift.  So, don’t invite yourself!  Spend couple time on Valentine’s Day, but make your gift for another day.

3. Record a Video Message with your phone and send it to him.

Create a video of yourself all “prettied up” and tell him something he would appreciate.

Imagination. . .go!

Actually, I am thinking of something more comical, complimentary, or sentimental.

  • like tell him he “is right” about something you argue about
  • tell him why he would make a great President
  • tell him something sweet and sentimental i.e, perhaps a special memory
  • give him an affirmation if there is something he is self-conscious about or circumstances he is unhappy with
  • tell him why you love him.

Side note*** There is a popular idea to use a deck of cards and write one reason you love him on each card.  F-I-F-T-Y   T-W-O  reasons! Is that really necessary?  By the end, wouldn’t you be saying things like, “You floss your teeth regularly” or “You put the new trash bag real neatly into the can and it never falls in when I immediately throw something heavy into it”

  • recite your wedding vows– if you have been married for a while change up the words a little bit to reflect the unique experiences you have had as a couple.

4. Create a Library of Love (card catalog style)

Speaking of the unique experiences you have had as a couple, you could write down memories of your life together using old-fashioned card catalog style cards.  Later, he can also add memories as you could both continue this tradition in the future. This amazing idea was originally created by Grace, of Poetic Home.  Layla, of The Lettered Cottage, developed a step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to create this “Library of Love,” as she coined it.  You can find Layla’s tutorial here.

The gift of self, commitment, perseverance, and unconditional love are things that you can’t eat, pop, or wilt to death.  Jewelry is flashy.  Love is humble.

I would love to hear your thoughts on other unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your husband! Please share and comment below!



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    1. I love the idea of recording a video. There is amazing potential for an emotion-filled message, or a hilarious message! One thing I’d like to do for this Valentine’s Day is make a list of qualities that I see in my husband with specific examples of when he embodied those amazing characteristics in the past month or so.

    1. “There is a popular idea to use a deck of cards and write one reason you love him on each card. F-I-F-T-Y T-W-O reasons! Is that really necessary? By the end, wouldn’t you be saying things like, “You floss your teeth regularly” or “You put the new trash bag real neatly into the can and it never falls in when I immediately throw something heavy into it””

      Hahaha! This is what I tend to think, too. I mean, I’m all in favor of finding unique ways to say things, but the flip-side of that gift is a huge portion of the population won’t even appreciate the time taken to come up with all of those reasons anymore than they would a sweet message written in a card.

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