bedtime stories for kids that teach good morals and strong ethics
5 Day Family Prayer Challenge

Family Prayer Challenge

The family is the center building block on which our society is built.  Strengthen the family, and society itself will be strengthened.  What better way to strengthen ourselves and our families than with prayer!  The power of family prayer is undervalued in our society. Instead, our families are judged as “successful” based on their income,…

Sometimes a fresh perspective or even a simple reminder of something we already know is the catalyst for great change in our lives. Your husband is a gift to you from God Himself.
I was a huge skeptic about easy, kid-friendly clean eating recipes! Then I found the most awesome recipe creators! Take a visual taste of the most delicious clean eating recipes from “The Big Man’s World, Clean Eating, Jay’s Baking Me Crazy, My Natural Family, Just a Taste, and tbsp.”
These are amazing money and marriage tips that incorporate God into finding financial happiness in marriage.

Money and Marriage: 9 Steps to Financial Happiness

You have to work hard for your money and marriage.  Experts agree that money and marriage is a combination that can make or break a relationship. Don’t you sometimes think that if you just had more money, then your life and marriage would be so much happier? More money = less arguing about how to…

Having trouble determining worthwhile resources and information for overcoming anxiety and dealing with depression? This ultimate resource guide will point you in the direction of the most recognized and useful resources!
Fun Ways to Exercise
How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex_ A Christian Perspective
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