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Finish Homework Fast: Homework Hacks for Parents
what the teacher should know about your dyslexic child

What the Teacher Should Know About Your Dyslexic Child

What the Teacher Should Know About Your Dyslexic Child (and what you shouldn’t let them forget!)  A few months after my daughter was identified as Dyslexic and began receiving dyslexia intervention, I called a conference with the classroom teachers, the assistant principal (504 coordinator), and the dyslexia teacher.  I was shocked that the classroom teachers were…

The best dyslexia friendly books for kids to read!

The Best Dyslexia Friendly Books for Kids to Read

Looking for the best dyslexia friendly books for kids to read? After my daughter was identified as dyslexic, I wondered if there were any books that she should or could read?  Dr. Sally Shaywitz, author of Overcoming Dyslexia, has put together a list of the best books for Dyslexic kids to read.  She advises using…

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