Fun Ways to Exercise

17 Fun Ways to Exercise Without Feeling Like You Are Working Out

 Fun Ways to Exercise

17 Fun Ways to Exercise Without Feeling Like You Are Working Out

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Do you ever feel dumbfounded when someone shares with you that they work out regularly?

I do.

How do they find the time to exercise?

Where do they get their motivation?

And how in the world do they LIKE IT!

Do they actually know a fun way to exercise?


I know that I need to include exercise as part of my life.  Exercising helps you physically as well as mentally.  Exercising gives you much-needed energy for chasing around kids and living a longer and healthier life.

But I hate to exercise!  I don’t like to work out.

There are tons of other things I need to do in my day as a wife and mother of four kids.

And when I DO get some free time I most certainly do not want to spend it on a treadmill!
So, I have decided that from now on I will trick myself into building my physical fitness.
I realized this might be an effective strategy for me when last year I made a friend who had completed the MS-150 four times! My husband had just run ANOTHER half marathon and I decided that I wanted to do something rigorously physical that would
“test my mettle” both physically and mentally.  The MS -150 is very popular here in Houston.  It is a two day 150 mile cycling trek from Houston to Austin.

My friend convinced me that I could accomplish this and that
I didn’t need to lose weight before starting to train. AND that I wouldn’t have to train for years before I could participate in the MS-150.

I bought my road bike and gear and started just riding in my neighborhood. I LOVED it!  I felt like cycling was an escape.  Literally, I loved being able to “ride away” from my all of the stress of my life.  Quiet wind blowing in my face and physically “going somewhere” made me want to get on my bike and ride day after day. And the best part was that I didn’t feel like I had just exercised.
I felt HAPPY.
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Cycling isn’t for everybody, but there is a fun activity out there for you to fall in love with!  And maybe not just one.   Here are 17 Super Fun Activities Yo
u Can Do without feeling like you are exercising.  A bonus is that a lot of these you can do with your kids and hubby.  Not only will you get fit, but your kids will adore you for being a “fun” mom.

  1. Jumping on a Trampoline (aerobic exercise, core strengthening, leg workout)
  2. Playing Just Dance on the Wii U (aerobic)
  3. Horseback Riding (core strengthening, mental focus)
  4. Rollerblading/Skating (aerobic, balance core strengthening, muscle coordination)
  5. Climbing a Tree (Strength training, core training, Mental Focus)
  6. Going to a waterpark (climbing stairs, core strengthening to “hold on”)
  7. Going to an amusement park (lots of walking, stair climbing, increase muscle control of your core muscles)
  8. Swimming (aerobic muscle toning)
  9. Tennis (aerobic leg and arm workouts)
  10. Cycling or Mountain Biking (aerobic, lower body workout, core strengthening) *plus you can add in a goal to train for specific contest
  11. Hiking (aerobic, core strength training)
  12. White water rafting (core strengthening, arms workout)
  13. Golf
  14. Archery- (core strengthening)
    15. Bowling (core strengthening)
  15. Rock Climbing (provides a mental challenge and goal as well as physical; gyms; schools)
  16. Kayaking (neighborhood lakes, nearby rivers


When we take family vacations, they are typically very active.  For some reason spending our good hard-earned money on a vacation where you lay on a beach, sleep a lot, read books, browse shops seems like a waste of money.

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Last summer, our family took a vacation to Colorado.  It was jam-packed with activities of super cool things we wanted to experience (and a couple of ER visits).  White-water rafting, zip-lining, hiking.  It required a lot of walking, aerobic exertion, and heavy muscle use, but we were having a blast so we didn’t even think of it as exercising!  And since I had started cycling (even though it was still just in my neighborhood), I kept up with my marathon runner (yes, he did a marathon too) husband and my four kids.

I encourage you to find something from this list that sounds fun and try it!  Maybe it will become a new hobby or maybe it will simply be a fun family activity you do on occasion.

Or maybe I will see you at the next MS-150!

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