Do you feel like you can’t ever catch a break? You overcome one challenge only to be faced with a new one.

You need the Trial and Treasure Journal!

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Trial and treasure journal

A journal has so many benefits:

  • Break down each challenge into parts,
  • Identify the best ways to deal with the challenge
  • Create a plan of action on how you will overcome it
  • Record lessons learned and treasure gained from overcoming the challenges
  • Gain insight on how to deal with future challenges


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I believe God has a purpose for everything in life and although we don’t always understand the Whys we have to know that all of the Whats are meant to build our character and bring us closer to God.

The Hows of dealing with each challenge and/or trial in life all boils down to something very simple that we can all do—Prayer!
It is only in prayer that we can truly learn and gain the treasure God wants us to get out of our challenge. If we want to follow Jesus, He calls us to pick up our cross and follow Him!




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